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Sunday, August 15, 2004


Prasad Gune

"We made our decision to take a round the world trip in about half an hour."

A round the world trip in half an hour is admirably quick. Takes me longer than that to commute to work ;-). OK snide asides apart, have a great time!

Similar to Dush, I needed a visa for Singapore earlier this year. I also needed to take a shower at hourly intervals. Beautiful place otherwise, don't miss the Merlions (the big one on Sentosa Island, and the water-spouting baby one on Esplanade). Despite being an animal lover (in theory), if I were attacked by a Hindi-speaking lion, that's exactly what I would say - "Mer, lion, mer!" I will now slink back to my cubicle...



Sounds like a fantastic trip and lots of adventure and memories awaiting you two. I am sure it will be a blast, will look for updates and pictures. I haven't been to many place but the few I have been to...in India, try and go to Rajasthan if you haven't yet. Especially Udaipur and Jaiselmer (camel safari). For Spain, drink lots of Sangrias...find a square in one of the alleys off of the Rambla's and just enjoy sitting. Also got to check out the clubs/bars at the water end of the Rambla's...but don't go before 1am. Try going to Monsterat (sp?) as well, a half a day trip from Barcelona.


I hate to let you know that Africans are fine bureaucratic craftsfolk. I found out with $10,000 total bribe/fee money for an Internet line in Kenya circa 1995. That was just for the line, no service, just the line...It was for a government building too! aiya! Maybe 2004 will prove better for you. :) Open eyes, open wallets will open doors for you. Hakuna Matata.


No visa for Singapore??? You better double check that because when I went in November 2003 I sure had to get a visa!


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