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Monday, August 16, 2004



This looks like a handy way of keeping people informed.

Now, I was just in Spain, starting in Barcelona, then to Granada, then to Cadiz, then to Granada, then to Madrid, and ending in Barcelona.

For Spain, I recommend the Rough Guide to Spain... enermously.

For Barcelona, I enermously recommend, for memorable experiences:
the outside of the Sagrada Familia;
strolling the Rambla (and the great fruit/veg/nuts/fish/meat market half-way down it);
and spending time in Gaudi's public park (sit back on those benches overlooking the city... wow, every park bench, every chair everywhere should be so comfortably crafted);
a neighborhood fiesta if there's one going on.
And much more besides, but it's your holiday and you'll find your own great experiences.

For Madrid: the centre. Take your time. Sit. Walk. Sit. Watch. Drink. Eat. Read. Marvel. Take your siesta. Then do it all again. Oh, and the Prado.

For Spain, I see you are going down south to Gibraltar. I wasn't there. But if you want to take a few days nice and easy in a beautiful tiny city that offers many great ways to do nothing, relax in Cadiz. Even better than Madrid and Barcelona for the many small squares, the easy access to everywhere such as the super beaches with the warm Atlantic waves, the historic churches, the backstreet cafes, the upmarket shopping streets, the friendly people, the relaxed people, the neighborhood gym that you can visit for just three euro, and so much more. And if you want to explore the Moorish influence in Spain, spend a day in Granada at the Alhambra (the town's nice by itself, but the Alhambra, the sumptuous palaces and gardens of various Sultans, which are built on a large hill overlooking the small city, is unforgetable) and maybe a day in Cordoba (where the Muslims built a beautiful mosque upon the site of a catholic church, and then, when the Muslims left Spain, the Spanish Christian authorities--after a remarkably and admirably restrained 300 years--built a cathedral on the site of the Mosque; not just on the site of the Mosque but, wait for this, IN the Mosque; it's something to behold).

For packing, learn from my experience: I brought a small transistor radio (with my headphones)--and used it when travelling. I brought three novels... and didn't touch them. Useless weight. If travelling for a long time, like yourselves, I'd budget to buy clothes and travel books where you need them, rather than bringing them everywhere yourselves. Rather than looking at them as possessions to own forever, it'd be easier for you if you looked at them as things you are privileged to rent for a short time before you pass them on to others.

That's the sum of my unasked-for advice. Enjoy. And marvel.

Ly Soveth

Tout d'abord bravo ! Ce n'est pas facile de franchir le pas. Beaucoup comme vous rêvent de partir faire le tour du monde, mais la plupart y renoncent pour des raisons plus ou moins bonnes. Votre voyage à l'air d'être bien organisé. Si vous avez besoin de conseil, n'hésitez pas. J'ai moi aussi un peu barroudé. Passez me rendre visite à Paris si vous avez le temps.
et bon vent.


Gautam Sheth


Did you win a lottery previous to getting married?. I mean how much does something like this cost?.. Anyways, either you have won the lottery and/or your inlaws are filthy rich to fund this trip.. Good luck and have fun.

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