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Friday, September 03, 2004



nice to trtavel with u this way !! this is our indirerct tour , right? well, have the most wonderful time.....
looking forward for u kids to come t mumbai...


Hi Guys

Very interesting start for you two. It is fascinating to read about your experience in Russia. I am glad Smruti got some vegetarian food. Did Theplas make it past the customs ? Take care ! Looking forward to your next posting.

Shachi, Viren, Nishita and Kunal


This is so much fun to read!

As someone who loves traveling, and loves
stories, I am looking forward to the
next 6 months of reading of your adventures.

Thanks for taking the time to organize this,
and to share your experiences!


Don't forget the caviare!

But for the pall of the terrible tragedy of the school, your trip sounds wonderful so far. Good beginning.

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