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Wednesday, November 17, 2004


Kiru Naidoo

Wonderful. Thank you for looking it up so promptly. Madiba describes the picture as "a celebration of life". In November last year, a stalwart of the South African liberation movement, Mac Maharaj had the picture redone and presented to his long standing comrade. Maharaj recalled Madiba's fondness for the image on Robben Island, one that lifted his spirits. The Indian government's restrictions on foreign nationals travelling in the Anadaman Islands made my search for Madiba's "Thando" (=love in Xhosa) rather difficult but there is enough credible information in my travel notebooks to write a piece - more likely for the Johannesburg Sunday Times.
Were your travels to carry you to the east coast of Africa, please allow a native of these parts to look after you in Durban.


Kiru, thanks for the catch. We have corrected the photo and put up the right one now, I think.

Kiru Naidoo

Very interesting travel log. My interest was piqued by your reference to the woman from the Andaman Islands whose picture President Mandela kept on the wall of his cell. The picture that you have published is not the one that so intrigued him.You may want to refer to the July 1975 issue of National Geographic. I have just returned from the Andaman Islands and am keen on pursuing the Mandela interest in an essay.
Kiru Naidoo
Durban, South Africa

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