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Friday, January 07, 2005


Kerry Little

Hi, I'm after photos of the Bro road signs. In particular, Drinking Whisky, Driving Risky, Go gentle on my curves, or At Bro, Men Cut through the Hills but Join the Hearts. Actually, any pics as when I was there last year I didn't take any.
I'm writing a travel yarn about them. If pics received and used, then a credit to photog, no money unfortunately but I will give a donation to charity in Sikkim. I'm going back there in April.

Kerry Little


I came across BRO too! In the North East of India on the road between Imphal (Manipur) to Kohima (Nagaland)!! "This is not a rally! It pays to tally!!"
"This is not a rally or race! So drive at slow pace!!"

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