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Tuesday, January 18, 2005


Carl B Corman

I am trying to find out how to volunteer my time and skills in the tsunami relief effort.

Koki and Mahendra

Dear Smruti, Dev

I am sending copy of Your Tsunami Relief blog
[ Factual and very touching coverage with realistic pictures of needs, wants and wonderful people trying to hold together. ]
to Jain Center for sharing at Tsunami Releif charity program on Feb. 19th Saturday.

I had mentioned about your work last Sunday at Jain Center Tsunami Relief Program meeting. [ Hasubhai; President, Heena Nandu, VP PR and Tsunami Relief Program Chair.] Hasubhai requested I send them blog copy. [Harshad Uncle had already given that to Hasubhai]

On 19th Jain Center has Musical Evening Charity program. It is going to be a packed house. I hope you will not mind if they use some of the pictures and stories as part of the presentation.

Mom and Dad.

shachi Shah

Hi Guys

It was very nice seeing you in India. We are very proud of you for helping out Tsunami victims during your vacation. Very few people would sacrifice their peronal time and comfort to help people in need. Hats off to you two ! We are sure you would have made a difference in the lives of people whom you helped.

Waiting to see you and hear your stories in person. Have a great time in Southern hemisphere. We heard that you two are going to Machu Pichu in Peru. Viren is reading a book about civilztaions that flourished there thousnads of year ago - it is very fascinating. Take care

Shachi, Viren

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